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#270457 - Good point he said as he pushed a button Come on Jess lets watch this thing do its work he added Yay Jessica said as Lina again started screaming YOU WILL NEVER GET AWAY WITH THIS!! Jerry picks up a hand help device that looks like a pistol So we just watch then? Jessica asked Yep! Jerry replied This is a laser marker, it calibrates the laser this will have to be done on the first girl placed into it every day Jerry said What’s it do? Jessica asked as Jerry was pointing the pistol looking tool We mark the first girl with it where the laser will cut off her head, then where she is to be gutted, once this is done on the first girl the machine will remember the settings for every girl sent into it until it is shut down at the end of the day Jerry answered her. Looking to Lina Which half do you want? He asked the left half boss she replied If the bitch did know anything, she cant tell him now Jessica whispered softly this laser is so accurate it even split her

Read Spit Saimin de Yatte Mita!! - Kiratto pri chan Gay Trimmed Saimin de Yatte Mita!!

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People think they are immune to drugs
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