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#133021 - ” Greves said nodding. Their tongues explored like never before and after a few moments parted again, Sue pushed Charles away as she rose from the bed and removed her nightie and panties, Charles sat there watching as she moved toward him and pushed him back hard, his cock pointed towards the sky as Sue moved onto the bed and brought her face to his cock, she threw her legs over his head and brought her hips down a bit, Charles was presented with the beauty that was were pussy, he hooked her thighs with his hands and brought his face to her sex, as Charles started to lap at her pussy Sue licking up and down on his hard cock, she had so missed the taste, even though it had barely been a day it felt like it had been forever. “MUM!!!!!” Charles screamed as he sent long shots of cum into the air that splashed back down on him.

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