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#268803 - “Miss DuBois,” Miss Parker exclaimed as she stood up, “And what is wrong with our girls?” “Code violations,” Francine suggested as she stared at Miss Parker, Miss Parker was maybe fifty, though maybe she was older and had plastic surgery, her large firm breasts looked un natural, almost certainly silicon, and her unlined face looked like a Botox advert, “And extra services provided by your Mannequins?” Miss Parker stared back, Francine was twenty three probably, five nine, C maybe D cup, blonde, curvy, almost perfect Hummanequin material in fact, she smiled. “Frankie,” John asked suddenly, “Is rubber wear clothing or medical?” “No idea, depends on the use,” she replied, “Why?” “This Lingerie store,” he said, “I can’t work out which category it fits in. ” Monique paused, “You had better sign in,” she said as an afterthought, “Your regulations say staff and visitors to back areas must sign in for fire safety regulations,” and she handed Francine a pen and invited her

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