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#358983 - I tried to get up but everytime i did Leon sturred so i decided i would stay the night. without a engagment party my mom walked in and said we are joking love we are happy for you later on that night about 9pm i rang brit on my cell and said hey want to hang out brit said yeah sure babes come pick me up i went to pick brit up and we just drove round brit asked me if i wanted a cig i said sure can you light one for me, brit light a ciggarette for me and i took one hand off the wheel but kept my eyes on he road leon you have a ring on your finger i played thick and said i have 4 rings on she said your engaged i said o yeah that hapened earlier pretending that i didnt really care (but inside i was full of happyness) me and brit decided to go bowling when we got to the bowling store i rang harvey on my cell and asked if he wanted to come bowling and too see if dean wanted to come about a hour later dean and harvey arrived and we was bowling for a few hours when i kissed harve

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Tytti noorbuck
I don t wanna do this anymore i just wanna be loved
Leon kuwata
Goddamn you are hot i love this you have given me more desire to fuck my wife harder nice hentai
I like her