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#37321 - She was snapped out of her reverie by the sound of shackles rattled, as one man climbed upon the Strange contraption she was lewdly strapped to, a sub frame of gleaming, well looked after steel And padded leather held her naked body in place, with leather straps running over her belly and shoulders tying her torso to the frame, her legs, held tightly in stirrups were strapped at the ankle Knee and upper thigh, again with leather straps . She felt what seemed like liters of warm water pushed up inside her anus, and she shuddered as she felt the water doing its job, she sobbed as the man removed the tube and held a bucket underneath her Waiting for the eventual flow that she was desperately trying to hold inside, finally she couldn’t hold it In any longer, and crying with shame and humiliation, she emptied her bowels in front of the 12 Demonic men The final humiliation was also the most terrifying for her , a man came to her head , his hard cock swinging right in front of h

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